Laser Therapy

Laser light research has been in place for almost forty years, and in this time the effects of laser on different types of cells, tissues and disorders has yielded overwhelmingly positive results. In conjunction with our comprehensive pain management solutions, our doctors at Randall Veterinary Hospital also use laser therapy to keep your pets as pain-free as possible. Inflammation of the joints and muscles, neurological conditions, ear and skin infections and wound healing are many of the reasons our doctors recommend laser therapy. Lasers are a sterile, pain-free, surgery-free and drug-free treatment. Laser therapy can be concentrated on one area of pain or several areas during a treatment session. Many clients notice a favorable change in their pets after just one session!

How does laser therapy work? This type of laser system sends “packets” of light energy into the deep tissue without damaging it. The light energy is absorbed by the cells of the tissue and converted into ATP. ATP is the fuel needed to encourage healing and rejuvenation of inflamed or damaged tissue. During treatment, your pet’s eyes will be covered and many pets fall asleep during the treatment session because now they have relief from their pain. Multiple treatment sessions may be needed depending on the complexity of your pet’s injuries.

If you have further questions about the benefits of laser therapy, please call Randall Veterinary Hospital at 601-371-0895 for more information.