In-Clinic Diagnostics

Accurate and efficient service is important to Randall Veterinary Hospital, and our facility has taken several measures to continually improve our diagnostic and treatment times. One way our hospital has met this goal is by offering in-clinic diagnostic lab testing. Our hospital has the ability to test an animal’s blood, including CBC’s (complete blood counts) the most common lab test ordered; cardiac enzymes; liver and kidney function tests; electrolyte levels; and heartworms. We also are able to evaluate fecal matter and skin scrapings for the presence of parasites. A urinalysis test can also be performed in our lab to diagnose bladder infections, urinary tract infections and the presence of bladder stones.

Blood work, along with x-ray and ultrasound imaging, are crucial diagnostic tools for our doctors, as pets simply cannot communicate what issues they may be facing. When you schedule an appointment at Randall Veterinary Hospital, you know your pet will received experienced attention from our veterinarians who are using advanced equipment for the health of your pet. Please call one of our caring team members at 601-371-0895 and become a part of the Randall family of pets today!