Randall Veterinary Hospital is excited to offer treatment for those animals that suffer from moderate to severe allergies that can cause extreme discomfort and pain to the pet. If you notice that your pet is continually scratching or biting themselves, you should call our hospital to have your pet evaluated for allergies. There are several types of allergies our pets have including flea allergies, food allergies, atopic dermatitis, environmental allergies such as grass and pollen. Our doctors are experience in treating these issues using not only medicine but also appropriate food choices and even medicated baths.

Randall Veterinary Hospital takes your allergy treatment options one step further by offering allergen specific immunotherapy. This is a treatment program where your pet is treated with small doses of the allergen causing them discomfort, which is then given in larger doses over time to keep the allergen from affecting the pet every day.

Immunotherapy is not a cure for allergies, but rather an ongoing successful treatment that increases your pet’s quality of life. Please call one of our caring professionals at Randall Veterinary Hospital at 601-371-0895 if you feel your pet may be suffering from allergies.