Digital Radiography & Ultrasound

Randall Veterinary Hospital has the most advanced diagnostic capabilities available in veterinary medicine, right here at their facility. Our veterinarians have invested in digital radiography and ultrasound to give your pet a complete workup when they are ill. Radiography is more commonly known as x-ray and is used to identify broken bones, foreign objects, tumor size and even organ size. By using digital radiography, Randall Veterinary Hospital is able to operate “green” system, meaning no films or paper is used. Our doctors are also able to zoom in or contrast problem areas of interest, so retakes are not generally required. Finally, if an issue requires review by a veterinary radiologist, our doctors can quickly email the images to a specialist for their professional opinion and begin immediate treatment on the pet.

Ultrasound is becoming more common in the animal healthcare industry and Randall Veterinary Hospital is on the cutting edge of their technology as well. Ultrasound is the use of very low ultrasonic sound waves that together form an image of soft tissue, organs and cardiovascular systems. Our knowledgeable veterinarians will be able to identify malignant and benign tumors, cardiovascular function and fetal development in pregnant females.