Cancer is a word no pet owner wants to hear in connection with his or her beloved pet’s health. The caring veterinarians at Randall Veterinary Hospital combine their cancer-treating experience with our advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment to care for your beloved pet, throughout the treatment of their cancer. Our hospital offers chemotherapy for animals right here at our advanced facility. Chemotherapy for animals is often not as traumatic as it is for humans undergoing treatment. Your pet may not even become ill after receiving treatment; in fact they are often relaxed and in happy spirits. When used early in the cancer disease process, chemotherapy is often very successful in eradicating cancerous cells in your pet’s body.

As with any disease state, cancer is best treated when it is diagnosed early. Our experienced doctors have the most advanced diagnostic equipment available, right here at Randall Veterinary Hospital. Yearly wellness exams and blood work can often help uncover certain types of cancer before treatment becomes extensive. Begin your precious dog or cat’s wellness exams at Randall Veterinary Hospital, regardless of their age. Please call one of our caring professionals at 601-371-0895, and schedule your appointment today!